the Lighthouse Children's Home

The monthly cost for each child that stays at the Lighthouse is based on the complete care for each child. The total cost of complete care averages about $130.00 USD per month ($4.33 per day) and includes everything from food, clothing, school snack money, medicine/hospital visits to basically any other cost for the child's needs under the quality care that the Lighthouse provides.  

If you’re able to give any amount, we would be truly blessed.  We can also look for additional supporters to “partner” with  you. 

Monthly co-sponsors needed: 

Ern: $55.00

Suda: $76.00

Risa: Fulfilled!

Sa: Fulfilled!

Chalaw: $82.00

Mah-li: $60.00

Napat: $73.00

Manow: Fulfilled!

Thank you again for sharing your compassionate hearts with us.  Together with you, we look forward to all the goodness that God has in store.

Be a part of the Lighthouse

and support a project!

We have a growing list of completed projects including pavers for the driveway, a water well, new truck tires, new buildings, the renovation of the girls' dorm and boys' bathrooms, clean water tank, monthly sponsorships for the children and educational sponsorship of our older children. 

Thanks to you...


The Lighthouse kids will be applying their gifts, talents, and leadership skills and blessing other children located in Omkoi, a remote mountain district in Chiang Mai (6+ hour drive), with a severely impoverished children’s home that has around 90 children between 1-6 grades.  

the Lighthouse will plan to stay for 2 nights and will be running the entire program, from preparing the budget, materials, equipment, food, games, activities, and all costs and planning that is needed (with Terra’s supervision, and she will be the photographer at the event).

The kids (and Terra) have already brainstormed a budget estimate of $15 per person (120 people all 90+ children, staff, and the Lighthouse) and includes the following:

  • $175 transportation and travel costs to/from Omkoi (6+ hours drive for 2 trucks).
  • $10 for Christmas gifts x 90 children (towel, backpack, toiletries set, small toy).
  • $90 fruit for 2 meals for 90 children (they hardly get fruit).
  • $300 games and materials for activities.
  • $200 snacks x 120 people ($1.67 per person).
  • $75 for 2 meals for the Lighthouse while traveling 12 hours roundtrip.
  • $60 for other unforeseen costs.

Total Budget: $1,800 (54,000 baht)

Donations Received: $216 (6,490 baht) + $1,584 (47,520 baht)
Remaining Need: $0

(L to R): Ern, Manow, Suda, Ritsa, Sa, Chalaw, Mah-li, Napat

Need #2: Fulfilled!

Christmas Outreach 2018

Need #1: Sponsor!

Girls' dorm renovation