the Lighthouse Children's Home

Terra founded the Lighthouse in 2009 and has worked in other children homes in Thailand since 2006. Originally from Southern California, Terra will be in Thailand for the long-term.

Jo is the first graduating student at the Lighthouse. After finishing a 2-year college degree in agriculture, Jo has returned as a full-time caretaker and is learning how to run all areas of a children's home so he can open one of his own some day. 

Terra Yito


How the Lighthouse works

During the school year, children stay at 

the Lighthouse and study in the local Thai schools. During school breaks, most children stay at the Lighthouse because of their home or family situation, while others may return to their village and stay with relatives. Those who have no family remain with Terra. There are currently 14 children with a max capacity of 24 children.

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About Us

Sam is the assistant overseer of the Lighthouse and manages the general operations, maintenance, and any construction and renovation projects onsite. He drives the children to school and church, and also handles purchases and trains staff and students.               

May has been at the Lighthouse since she was in the 5th grade. May has graduated high school and while she attends Mae Jo University, she will be the cook and oversee the girls at the Lighthouse.

In addition to serving at the Lighthouse, Terra also assists non-profit Christian organizations as an in-country volunteer consultant with project and financial accountability. She serves more than 1,150 children in over 30 children homes and churches in Myanmar, Cambodia, and Thailand.